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Recreational watercraft decontamination: can current recommendations reduce aquatic invasive species spread? 2021 Mohit, Shrisha; Johnson, Timothy B.; Arnott, Shelley E. Invasive Ecology
Rainy springs linked to poor nestling growth in a declining avian aerial insectivore (Tachycineta bicolor) 2019 Cox, Amelia R.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Lendvai, Ádám Z.; Everitt, Kennedy; Bonier, Frances Behavioural Ecology
Resident species with larger size metrics do not recruit more offspring from the soil seed bank in old-field meadow vegetation 2019 Tracey, Amanda J.; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Ecology
Recruitment success for mast year cohorts of sugar maple (Acer saccharum) over three decades of heavy deer browsing 2017 MacMillan, Jennifer; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Plant Ecology
Red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) with higher baseline glucocorticoids also invest less in incubation and clutch mass 2017 Schoenle, Laura A.; Dudek, Alana M.; Moore, Ignacio T.; Bonier, Frances Animal Behaviour; Animal Physiology
Relative importance of colonist quantity, quality, and arrival frequency to the extinction of two zooplankton species 2017 Sinclair, James S.; Arnott, Shelley E. Zooplankton Community Ecology
Response of adult dragonflies to artificial prey of different size and colour 2017 Duong, Tammy M.; Gomez, Ann B.; Sherratt, Thomas N.
Revising traditional theory on the link between plant body size and fitness under competition: Evidence from old-field vegetation 2014 Tracey, Amanda J.; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Plant Ecology
Refinement of bycatch reduction devices to exclude freshwater turtles from commercial fishing nets 2013 Cairns, Nicholas A.; Stoot, Lauren J.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Behaviour
Regulation of the HPA axis is related to song complexity and measures of phenotypic quality in song sparrows 2012 Schmidt, Kim.; Furlonger, Ainsley A.; Lapierre, Janet M.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Elizabeth A.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Scott A. Animal Physiology
Reproductive history and nest environment are correlated with circulating androgen and glucocorticoid concentrations in a parental care–providing teleost fish 2012 O‘Connor, Constance M.; Barthel, Brandon L.; Gilmour, Kathleen M.; Philipp, David P.; Van Der Kraak, Glen; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology
Role of male spatial distribution and condition-dependent colouration on female spawning behaviour and reproductive success in bluegills 2010 Cogliati, Karen M.; Corkum, Lynda D.; Doucet, Stéphanie M. Behavioural Ecology; Spatial Ecology
Rates of development in male and female wood frogs and patterns of parasitism by lung nematodes 2008 Dare, Oluwayemisi K.; Forbes, Mark R. Parasite Ecology
Rearing density and susceptibility of Rana pipiens metamorphs to cercariae of a digenetic trematode 2006 Dare, Oluwayemisi K.; Rutherford, Pamela; Forbes, Mark R. Spatial Ecology
Recapture of male and female dragonflies in relation to parasitism by mites, time of season, wing length and wing cell symmetry 2004 Forbes, Mark R.; Muma, Katherine E.; Smith, Bruce P. Parasite Ecology
Relationships between condition factors, parasite load and paternity in bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus 2004 Neff, Bryan D.; Cargnelli, Luca Parasite Ecology
Reproductive effort, molting latitude, and feather color in a migratory songbird 2004 Norris, Ryan D.; Marra, Peter P.; Montgomerie, Robert D.; Kyser, Kurt T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Reproductive Ecology
Red, distasteful water mites: did fish make them that way? 2002 Proctor, Heather; Garga, Neera Community Ecology
Reproductive anatomy and indices of quality in male tree swallows: the potential reproductive role of floaters 2000 Peer, Katherine; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Kempenaers, Bart Reproductive Ecology
Response of birds to broken eggs in their nests 2000 Mallory, Mark L.; Rendell, Wallace B.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Relationship of bib size to age and sex in the black-capped chickadee 1999 Otter, Kenneth A.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Reproductive consequences of bilateral asymmetry for individual male red-winged blackbirds 1998 Dufour, Kevin W.; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Reproductive Ecology
Relative acute effects of low pH and high iron on the hatching and survival of the water mite (Arrenurus manubriator) and the aquatic insect (Chironomus riparius) 1997 Rousch, Jeffrey; Simmons, Thomas; Kerans, Billie; Smith, Bruce P. Environmental Toxicology
Reproductive synchrony and extra-pair mating strategy in a socially monogamous bird, Dendroica petechia 1997 Yezerinac, Stephen; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Animal Behaviour
Response of american redstarts (suborder Passeri) and least flycatchers (suborder Tyranni) to heterospecific playback: the role of song in aggressive interactions and interference competition 1996 Martin, Paul R.; Fotheringham, James; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Reduced seed set in Elytrigia repens caused by allelopathic pollen from Phleum pratense 1995 Murphy, Stephen D.; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Reproductive Ecology
Reduced disease in offspring: a benefit of coloniality in sunfish 1993 Côté, Isabelle; Gross, Mart R. Reproductive Ecology
Relationship of age and sex to size and color of eastern phoebes 1993 Conrad, Kelvin F.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology
Reliable acoustic cues for female mate preference in a katydid (Scudderia curvicauda, Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) 1993 Tuckerman, John; Gwynne, Darryl; Morris, Glenn Behavioural Ecology
Relationship between Diatom Assemblages and Trophic Variables: A Comparison of Old and New Approaches 1992 Agbeti, Michael D.
Relative abundance of Nicrophorus pustulatus (Coleoptera: Silphidae) in a burying beetle community, with notes on its reproductive behavior 1992 Robertson, Ian C. Community Ecology
Relative frequency parameters and song recognition in black-capped chickadees 1992 Shackleton, Scott; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Weary, Daniel M. Behavioural Ecology; Animal Behaviour
Realized reproduction success of polygynous red-winged blackbirds revealed by DNA markers 1990 Gibbs, H. Lisle; Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Boag, Peter T.; White, Bradley; Tabak, Lisa; Hoysak, Drew Genetic Ecology
Role of diet and experience in the development of feeding behaviour in largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides 1986 Colgan, Patrick W.; Brown, Joseph A.; Orsatti, Sandra D. Applied Ecology
Risk of predation, hydrodynamic efficiency and their influence on school structure 1985 Abrahams, Mark; Colgan, Patrick W. Behavioural Ecology
Response to peck 1984 Blancher, Peter J.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology
Risk-taking by red-winged blackbirds and the Concorde Fallacy 1982 Weatherhead, Patrick J. Behavioural Ecology
Recognition of species of insectivorous bats by their echolocation calls 1981 Fenton, M. Brock; Bell, Gary Behavioural Ecology
Response to nonflying moths to ultrasound: the threat of gleaning bats 1981 Werner, Tracey Behavioural Ecology
Responses of Myotis lucifugus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) to calls of conspecifics and to other sounds 1976 Fenton, M. Brock; Belwood, Jacqueline J.; Fullard, James H.; Kunz, Thomas H. Animal Behaviour
Reproduction and emergence of juveniles in Tamias straiatus (Rodentia: Sciuridae) at two localities in Ontario, Canada 1973 Pidduck, Edwin; Falls, J. Bruce Behavioural Ecology; Reproductive Ecology; Animal Morphology
Reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography of chlorophyll derivatives 1973 Daley, Ralph J.; Gray, C. B. J.; Brown, Seward R.
Role of Woody Debris in Nest Site Selection by Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Lepomis gibbosus 1973 Colgan, Patrick W.; Ealey, David Fish Ecology; Fisheries Research
Rearing and description of the early stages of the nearctic species of Peridea, with special reference to P. Basitriens (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) 1969 Riotte, J. Charles E. Entomology; Taxonomy
Resource subdivision amongst cohabiting fish species in a bay, Lake Opinicon, Ontario 1965 Keast, Allen Behavioural Ecology
Relationships between temperature and blood oxygen in the largemouth bass 1956 Denyes, H. Arliss; Joseph, Jeanne Physiology