• Neff, Bryan D.
  • Cargnelli, Luca


We examined the relationship between non-polar lipid density, parasite density and paternity of male bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus, and four condition factors: (1) Fulton’s condition factor, K; (2) the relative condition factor, Kn; (3) the relative mass index, Wr; and (4) the residuals from the geometric regression of mass on total length, C. Although the four factors were highly correlated to each other, only K and Wr were significantly correlated with non-polar lipid density, explaining about 40% and 25% of the variation, respectively. K was also the best predictor of parasite density and was significantly correlated with the paternity of nesting males. These data provide support for K as a good indicator of individual energetic state and overall quality during the breeding period and demonstrate the importance of energetic state for understanding reproductive success in bluegill sunfish.


Captured parental males, froze for analysis