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Integrating eDNA and citizen science observations to model distribution of a temperate freshwater turtle near its northern range limit 2023 Feng, Wenxi; Lougheed, Stephen C. Biodiversity
Interactive effects of increased salinity and heatwaves on freshwater zooplankton communities in simultaneous and sequential treatments 2022 Sun, Xinyu; Arnott, Shelley E. Aquatic Ecology
Identifying peaks in bat activity: A new application of SaTScan's space-time scan statistic 2017 Adams, Amanda M.; Fenton, M. Brock Animal Behaviour
Immune profiles vary seasonally, but are not significantly related to migration distance or natal dispersal, in a migratory songbird 2017 Kelly, Tosha R.; Hobson, Keith A.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Scott A.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Elizabeth A. Behavioural Ecology
Inland fisheries - Invisible but integral to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda for ending poverty by 2030 2017 Lynch, Abigail J.; Cowx, Ian G.; Fluet-Chouinard, Etienne; Glaser, Sarah M.; Phang, Sui C.; Beard, Thomas D.; Bower, Shannon D.; Brooks, Jill L.; Bunnell, David B.; Claussen, Julie E.; Cooke, Steven J.; Kao, Yu-Chun; Lorenzen, Kai; Myers, Bonnie J.E.; Reid, Andrea J.; Taylor, Jessica J.; Youn, So-jung Freshwaters Fisheries
Is there a pace-of-life syndrome linking boldness and metabolic capacity for locomotion in bluegill sunfish? 2016 Binder, Thomas R.; Wilson, Alexander D. M.; Wilson, Samantha M.; Suski, Cory D.; Godin, Jean-Guy J.; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Behaviour
Influence of angler hook-set behaviour relative to hook type on capture success and incidences of deep hooking and injury in a teleost fish 2015 Lennox, Robert; Whoriskey, Kim; Crossin, Glenn T.; Cooke, Steven J. Fisheries Research
Influence of water temperature and net tending frequency on the condition of fish bycatch in a small-scale inland commercial fyke net fishery 2013 Colotelo, Alison H.; Cooke, Steven J.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Murchie, Karen J.; Haxton, Tim J.; Smokorowski, Karen E. Fisheries Research
Influence of hook size and style on short-term survival of deeply hooked bluegills 2012 Robert, Justin J.; Larocque, Sarah M.; Cooke, Steven J. Freshwaters Fisheries
Is there such thing as a parasite free lunch? The direct and indirect consequences of eating invasive prey 2012 Bulté, Grégory; Robinson, Stacy A.; Forbes, Mark R.; Marcogliese, David J. Parasite Ecology
Individual distinctiveness in avian vocalizations and the spatial monitoring of behaviour 2011 Mennill, Daniel J. Animal Behaviour
Implications of extreme sexual size dimorphism for thermoregulation in a freshwater turtle 2010 Bulté, Grégory; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Physiology
Impact of recreational power boating on two populations of northern map turtles (Graptemys geographica) 2009 Bulté, Grégory; Carrière, Marie-Andrée; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Spatial Ecology
Individual reproductive success of largemouth bass and smallmouth bass subjected to different components of competitive angling events 2009 Siepker, Michael; Cooke, Steven J.; Wahl, David H.; Philipp, David P. Applied Ecology
Influence of inter-lake variation in natural nest predator burden on the parental care behaviour of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) 2009 Gravel, Marie-Ange; Cooke, Steven J. Behavioural Ecology
Inter-annual variation in prevalence and intensity of mite parasitism relates to the expression of damselfly resistance 2009 Nagel, Laura; Robb, Tonia; Forbes, Mark R. Entomology
Intersexual niche divergence in northern map turtles (Graptemys geographica): The roles of diet and habitat 2008 Bulté, Grégory; Gravel, Marie-Ange; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Population Ecology
Intersexual variation in the seasonal behaviour and depth distribution of a freshwater temperature fish, the largemouth bass 2008 Hanson, Kyle C.; Hasler, Caleb T.; Cooke, Steven J.; Suski, Cory D.; Philipp, David P. Reproductive Ecology
Intraspecific variation in sperm length is negatively related to sperm competition in passerine birds 2008 Kleven, Oddmund; Laskemoen, Terje; Fossøy, Frode; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Lifjeld, Jan T. Reproductive Ecology
Intraspecific variation in ejaculate traits of the Northern Water Snakes (Nerodia sipedon) 2006 Schulte-Hostedde, Albrecht
In vitro fertilization reveals offspring recognition via self-referencing in a fish with a paternal care and cuckoldry 2005 Neff, Bryan D.; Sherman, Paul Reproductive Ecology
Influence of circle hook size on hooking efficiency, injury, and size selectivity of bluegill with comments on circle hook conservation benefits in recreational fisheries 2005 Cooke, Steven J.; Barthel, Brandon L.; Suski, Cory D.; Siepker, Michael; Philipp, David P. Applied Ecology
Increased performance of offspring sired by parasitic males in bluegill sunfish 2004 Neff, Bryan D.
Injury and mortality induced by four hook types on bluegill and pumpkinseed 2003 Cooke, Steven J.; Suski, Cory D.; Barthel, Brandon L.; Ostrand, Kenneth; Tufts, Bruce L.; Philipp, David P. Applied Ecology
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta) 2003 Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Gibbs, Lisle H. Population Ecology
Immune expression in a damselfly is related to time of season, not to fluctuating asymmetry or host size 2002 Yourth, Christopher; Forbes, Mark R.; Smith, Bruce P. Parasite Ecology
Implications of movement patterns for gene flow in black rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta) 2002 Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Population Genetics
Interim Status Update for the Cerulean Warbler 2002 Barg, Jennifer J.; Jones, Jason; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Immune defense and host sociality: A comparative study of swallows and martins 2001 Møller, Anders P.; Merino, Santiago; Brown, Charles R.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Intensity responses of the single auditory receptor of notodontid moths: a test of the peripheral interaction hypothesis in moth ears 1998 Fullard, James H.; Forrest, Evelyn; Surlykke, Annemarie Physiology
In vitro allelopathic effects of pollen from three Hieracium species (Asteraceae) and pollen transfer to sympatric Fabaceae 1995 Murphy, Stephen D.; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Reproductive Ecology
Inbreeding depression in partially self-fertilizing Decodon verticillatus (Lythraceae): population-genetic and experimental analyses 1994 Eckert, Christopher G.; Barrett, Spencer C. H. Genetic Ecology
Interspecific competition for nestboxes affects mate guarding in eastern bluebirds, Sialia sialis 1994 Meek, Susan B.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Intraseasonal effects of clutch manipulation on parental provisioning and residual reproductive value of eastern phoebes (Sayornis phoebe) 1992 Conrad, Kelvin F.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology
Is there a bullfrog decline in Ontario? 1992 Berrill, Michael; Bertram, Susan; Tosswill, Pat; Campbell, Victoria Population Ecology
Individual variation in learning by foraging pumpkinseed sunfish, Lepomis gibbosus: the influence of habitat 1991 Kieffer, James; Colgan, Patrick W. Behavioural Ecology
Infanticide in female tree swallows: a role for sexual selection 1991 Chek, Andrew; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology
Influence of forest edge on nest-site selection by tree swallows 1990 Rendell, Wallace B.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Impact of parasitism by larval Limnochares aquatica (Acari: Hydrachnidia; Limnocharidae) on juvenile Gerris comatus, Gerris alacris, and Gerris buenoi (Insecta: Hemiptera; Gerridae) 1989 Smith, Bruce P. Ecology
Ideal dominance distributions: a test using red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) 1987 Eckert, Christopher G.; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Spatial Ecology
Impairment of early feeding behavior of largemouth bass by penachlorophenol exposure: a preliminary assessment 1987 Brown, Joseph A.; Johansen, Peter H.; Colgan, Patrick W.; Mathers, Alastair R. Environmental Toxicology
Influence of age and territory quality on the reproductive behaviour of male yellow warblers 1987 Studd, Michael V.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Individual and species recognition in centrarchid fishes: evidence and hypotheses 1986 Brown, Joseph A.; Colgan, Patrick W. Behavioural Ecology
Interspecific differences in the ontogeny of feeding behaviour in two species of centrarchid fish 1985 Brown, Joseph A.; Colgan, Patrick W. Behavioural Ecology
Implications of chemosensory feeding in catfishes: an analysis of the diets of Ictalurus nebulosus and I. natalis 1984 Keast, Allen Behavioural Ecology
Interindividual use of echolocation calls: eavesdropping by bats 1982 Barclay, Robert M. R. Behavioural Ecology; Ecology
Investigation of selected species of genus Orgyia-(Lymantriidae) using isoelectrofocusing in thin-layer polyacrylamide-gel 1976 Chua, K. E.; Riotte, J. Charles E.; Gilmour, C. Entomology
Island populations and gene flow in the deer mouse, Peromyscus leucopus 1965 Sheppe, Walter Genetic Ecology; Population Genetics
Insect removal of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from lakes 1952 Vallentyne, John R. Limnology