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Multi-omics analysis identifies symbionts and pathogens of blacklegged ticks (Ixodes scapularis) from a Lyme disease hotspot in southeastern Ontario, Canada 2023 Paulson, Amber R.; Lougheed, Stephen C.; Huang, David; Colautti, Robert I. Disease Ecology
Movement and habitat selection of Eastern milksnakes (Lampropeltis triangulum) at intact and fragmented sites 2020 Maddalena, Marcus P.; Row, Jeffrey R.; Dyson, Matthew E.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Fedy, Bradley C. Spatial Ecology
Male parental investment reflects the level of partner contributions and brood value in tree swallows 2018 Lendvai, Ádám Z.; Akçay, Çaǧlar; Stanback, M; Haussmann, Mark F.; Moore, Ignacio T.; Bonier, Frances Reproductive Ecology
Male song sparrows have elevated testosterone in response to neighbors versus strangers 2017 Moser-Purdy, Christopher; MacDougall-Shackleton, Scott A.; Bonier, Frances; Graham, Brendan A.; Boyer, Andrea C.; Mennill, Daniel J. Animal Physiology
Mitigating bycatch of freshwater turtles in passively fished fyke nets through the use of exclusion and escape modifications 2012 Larocque, Sarah M.; Cooke, Steven J.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Animal Behaviour
Mortality patterns and the cost of reproduction in a northern population of ratsnakes, Elaphe obsoleta 2012 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Sperry, Jinelle H. Reproductive Ecology
Male black-capped chickadees begin dawn chorusing earlier in response to simulated territorial insertions 2011 Foote, Jennifer R.; Fitzsimmons, Lauren P.; Mennill, Daniel J.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Animal Behaviour
Male song variation and female mate choice in the golden-winged warbler 2010 Harper, Sherilee; Vallender, Rachel; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Metabolism, nitrogen excretion, and heat shock proteins in the central mudminnow (Umbra limi), a facultative air-breathing fish living in a variable environment 2010 Currie, Suzie; Bagatto, Brian; DeMille, Matt; Learner, A.; LeBlanc, D.; Marks, Cynthia; Ong, K.; Parker, James; Templeman, N.; Tufts, Bruce L.; Wright, Patricia A. Physiology
Multi-annual variation in female morph frequencies of the polymorphic damselfly, Nehalennia irene, at continental and regional scales 2009 Iserbyt, Arne; Bots, Jessica; Ting, Janice J.; Jvostov, Felipe P.; Forbes, Mark R.; Sherratt, Thomas N.; Van Gossum, Hans Population Ecology
Multi-year seasonal sex-allocation patterns in red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) 2009 Weatherhead, Patrick J. Reproductive Ecology
Male chickadees match neighbors interactively at dawn: Support for the social dynamics hypothesis 2008 Foote, Jennifer R.; Fitzsimmons, Lauren P.; Mennill, Daniel J.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Migratory connectivity and rate of population decline in a vulnerable songbird 2008 Jones, Jason; Norris, Ryan D.; Girvan, Katharine M.; Barg, Jennifer J.; Kyser, Kurt T.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Population Ecology
Molt-migration in the american redstart (Setophaga ruticilla) revisited: Explaining variation in feather δD signatures 2008 Reudink, Matthew W.; Marra, Peter P.; Langin, Kathryn; Studds, Colin E.; Kyser, Kurt T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Population Ecology
Monitoring bass behaviour in real time over a three year period: implications for conservation and management 2007 Hanson, Kyle C.; Cooke, Steven J.; Suski, Cory D.; Niezgoda, George H.; Phelan, Frank J. S.; Hasler, Caleb T.; Tufts, Bruce L.; Philipp, David P. Behavioural Ecology
Morphological correlates of swimming activity in wild largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in their natural environment 2007 Hanson, Kyle C.; Hasler, Caleb T.; Suski, Cory D.; Cooke, Steven J. Behavioural Ecology
Morphology versus molecules: sexing red-winged blackbird nestlings 2007 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Muma, Katherine E.; Maddox, Dylan; Knox, Jenny; Dufour, Kevin W. Genetic Ecology
Male size and mating tactic influence proximity to females during sperm competition in bluegill sunfish 2006 Stoltz, Jeffrey A.; Neff, Bryan D. Reproductive Ecology
Microhabitat selection of five-lined skinks in northern peripheral populations 2006 Quirt, Kate; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Howes, Briar J.; Lougheed, Stephen C. Spatial Ecology
Male tail streamer length predicts fertilization success in the North American barn swallow (Hirundo rustica Erythrogaster) 2005 Kleven, Oddmund; Jacobsen, Frode; Izadnegahdar, Rasa; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Lifjeld, Jan T. Genetic Ecology
Motility, ATP levels and metabolic enzyme activity of sperm from bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) 2005 Burness, Gary; Moyes, Christopher D.; Montgomerie, Robert D. Physiology
Multiple selection pressures generate adherance to Bergmann's Rule in a Neotropical migrant songbird 2005 Jones, Jason; Gibb, Christine E.; Millard, Susanne C.; Barg, Jennifer J.; Girvan, Katharine M.; Veit, Lisa M.; Friesen, Vicki L.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Minimum estimates of survival and population growth for cerulean warblers (Dendroica cerulea) breeding 2004 Jones, Jason; Barg, Jennifer J.; Sillett, Scott T.; Veit, Lisa M.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Population Ecology
Metabolic fright responses of different-sized largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) to two avian predators show variations in nonlethal energetic costs 2003 Cooke, Steven J.; Steinmetz, Jeff; Degner, Jacob; Grant, Emily; Philipp, David P. Physiology
Male reproductive success and sexual selection in northern water snakes determined by microsatellite DNA analysis 2002 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Prosser, Melanie R.; Gibbs, H. Lisle; Brown, Gregory P. Genetic Ecology
Modeling ice storm damage to a mature, mixed-species hardwood forest in eastern Ontario 2001 Jones, Jason; Pither, Jason; DeBruyn, Ryan D.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Modelling succession to include a herbivore effect 2001 Janmaat, Johannus A.; Janmaat, Johannus A. Community Ecology
Microgeographic population genetic structure in the northern water snake, Nerodia sipedon sipedon detected using microsatellite DNA loci 1999 Prosser, Melanie R.; Gibbs, H. Lisle; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Population Genetics
Microsatellite evolution in sunfish (Centrarchidae) 1999 Neff, Bryan D.; Fu, Peng; Gross, Mart R. Genetic Ecology
Morphological and growth rate differences between bluegill males of alternative reproductive life histories 1997 Ehlinger, Timothy; Gross, Mart R.; Philipp, David P. Reproductive Ecology
Male-female morph interactions in the damselfly Nehalennia irene (Hagen) 1996 Forbes, Mark R.; Schalk, Gina; Miller, Greg J.; Richardson, Jean Reproductive Ecology
Measurement versus estimation of condition in snakes 1996 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Brown, Gregory P.
Matched counter-singing signals escalation of aggression in black-capped chickadees (Parus atricapillus) 1994 Shackleton, Scott; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Mating behaviour of the water mite Arrenurus manubriator (Acari: Arrenuridae) 1994 Proctor, Heather; Smith, Bruce P. Behavioural Ecology
Morphology, ultrastructure and taxonomic status of Toddia sp. in northern water snakes (Nerodia sipedon sipedon) from Ontario, Canada 1994 Smith, Todd; Desser, Sherwin; Hong, Henry Parasite Ecology
Movement patterns and territory acquisition by male red-winged blackbirds 1994 Shutler, Dave; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Spatial Ecology
Male incubation in barn swallows: the influence of nest temperature and sexual selection 1992 Smith, Henrik; Montgomerie, Robert D. Behavioural Ecology
Mating and spermatophore morphology of water mites (acari: parasitengona) 1992 Proctor, Heather Reproductive Ecology
Multiple paternity in a wild population of northern water snakes, Nerodia sipedon 1992 Barry, Frances; Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Philipp, David P. Reproductive Ecology
Male traits expressed in females: direct or indirect sexual selection? 1989 Muma, Katherine E.; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Reproductive Ecology
Male characteristics, parental quality and the study of mate choice in the red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) 1987 Eckert, Christopher G.; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Behavioural Ecology
Male territory and mating success in Nannothemis bella (Uhler) (Odonata: Libellulidae) 1985 Lee, Rupert; McGinn, Patrick Behavioural Ecology; Reproductive Ecology
Mortality of early life stages of largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides due to pentachlorophenol exposure 1985 Johansen, Peter H.; Mathers, Alastair R.; Brown, Joseph A.; Colgan, Patrick W. Environmental Toxicology; Fish Ecology
Marsh Nesting of Common Loons (Gavia, immer) 1981 Alvo, Robert
Moth Hearing and the Feeding Strategies of Bats: Variations in the hunting and echolocation behavior of bats may reflect a response to hearing-based defenses evolved by their insect prey 1981 Fenton, M. Brock; Fullard, James H. Animal Physiology
Macroinvertebrate associations with aquatic macrophytes and artificial substrates 1979 Gerrish, Nancy; Bristow, J. Michael Population Ecology; Community Ecology; Experimental Ecology
Male behavior and female recruitment in the red-winged blackbird 1977 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Mouth and Body Form Relative to Feeding Ecology in the Fish Fauna of a Small Lake, Lake Opinicon, Ontario 1966 Keast, Allen; Webb, Deirdre Animal Morphology