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Thermal quality influences effectiveness of thermoregulation, habitat use, and behaviour in milk snakes 2006 Row, Jeffrey R.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Population Ecology
Thermal quality influences habitat selection at multiple spatial scales in milksnakes 2006 Row, Jeffrey R.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Spatial Ecology
White blood cell profiles of breeding american toads (Bufo americanus) relative to sex and body size 2006 Forbes, Mark R.; McRuer, David; Shutler, Dave Spatial Ecology
Within-pair interactions and parental behaviour in Cerulean Warblers breeding in eastern Ontario 2006 Barg, Jennifer J.; Jones, Jason; Girvan, Katharine M.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Within-territory habitat use and microhabitat selection by male cerulean warblers (Dendroica cerulea) 2006 Barg, Jennifer J.; Aiama, Deviah M.; Jones, Jason; Robertson, Raleigh J. Spatial Ecology
A test of the genetic compatibility hypothesis with tree swallows, Tachycineta bicolor 2005 Barber, Colleen A.; Edwards, Mandy J.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Achromatic plumage reflectance predicts reproductive success in male black-capped chickadees 2005 Doucet, Stéphanie M.; Mennill, Daniel J.; Montgomerie, Robert D.; Boag, Peter T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Reproductive Ecology
Are least flycatcher (Empidonax minimus) clusters hidden leks? 2005 Tarof, Scott; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Kasumovic, Michael; Boag, Peter T. Behavioural Ecology
Behaviour of walleye, Sander vitreus, and largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides, exposed to different wave intensities and boat operating conditions during livewell confinement 2005 Suski, Cory D.; Cooke, Steven J.; Wahl, Killen; Philipp, David P.; Tufts, Bruce L. Behavioural Ecology
Brain and behaviour 2005 Sherry, David F.
Describing breeding territories of migratory passerines: suggestions for sampling, choice of estimator, and delineation of core areas 2005 Barg, Jennifer J.; Jones, Jason; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Description of a new species of Neolimnochares (Acari: Eylaoidea: Limnocharidae) from eastern North America 2005 Smith, Ian; Cook, David R.
Effects of climate variation on timing of nesting, reproductive success, and offspring sex ratios of red-winged blackbirds 2005 Weatherhead, Patrick J. Reproductive Ecology
Effects of exposure to several pentachlorophenol concentrations on growth of young-of-year largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides, with comparisons to other indicators of toxicity 2005 Johansen, Peter H.; Mathers, Alastair R.; Brown, Joseph A. Environmental Toxicology
Experimental assessment of ecological and phenotypic factors affecting male mating success and polyandry in northern watersnakes, Nerodia sipedon 2005 Kissner, Kelley J.; Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Gibbs, H. Lisle Population Genetics
Extrapair mating between relatives in the barn swallow: a role for kin selection? 2005 Kleven, Oddmund; Jacobsen, Frode; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Lifjeld, Jan T. Genetic Ecology
Fertilization dynamics of sperm from different male mating tactics in bluegill 2005 Schulte-Hostedde, Albrecht; Burness, Gary Reproductive Ecology
Generation time and temporal scaling of bird population dynamics 2005 Saether, Bernt-Erik; Lande, Russell; Engen, Steinar; Weimerskirch, Henri; Lillegård, Magnar; Altwegg, Res; Becker, Peter H.; Bregnballe, Thomas; Brommer, Jon E.; McCleery, Robin H.; Merilä, Juha; Nyholm, Erik; Rendell, Wallace B.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Tryjanowski, Piotr; Visser, Marcel E.
Genetic evidence for sexual selection in black ratsnakes, Elaphe obsoleta 2005 Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Gibbs, H. Lisle; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Reproductive Ecology
Geographic variability in mitochondrial introgression among hybridizing populations of Golden-winged (Vermivora chrysoptera) and Blue-winged (V.opinus) Warblers 2005 Dabrowski, Amy; Fraser, R.; Confer, John L.; Lovette, Irby J. Genetic Ecology
Geographic variation in prevalence and parasitemia of Haemoproteus paruli in the cerulean warbler (Dendroica cerulea) 2005 Gibb, Christine E.; Jones, Jason; Girvan, Katharine M.; Barg, Jennifer J.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Habitat quality and carry-over effects in migratory populations 2005 Norris, Ryan D.
In vitro fertilization reveals offspring recognition via self-referencing in a fish with a paternal care and cuckoldry 2005 Neff, Bryan D.; Sherman, Paul Reproductive Ecology
Influence of circle hook size on hooking efficiency, injury, and size selectivity of bluegill with comments on circle hook conservation benefits in recreational fisheries 2005 Cooke, Steven J.; Barthel, Brandon L.; Suski, Cory D.; Siepker, Michael; Philipp, David P. Applied Ecology
Limits to sexual size dimorphism in red-winged blackbirds: the cost of getting big? 2005 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Dufour, Kevin W. Reproductive Ecology
Long-term decline in a red-winged blackbird population: ecological causes and sexual selection consequences 2005 Weatherhead, Patrick J. Population Ecology
Male tail streamer length predicts fertilization success in the North American barn swallow (Hirundo rustica Erythrogaster) 2005 Kleven, Oddmund; Jacobsen, Frode; Izadnegahdar, Rasa; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Lifjeld, Jan T. Genetic Ecology
Motility, ATP levels and metabolic enzyme activity of sperm from bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) 2005 Burness, Gary; Moyes, Christopher D.; Montgomerie, Robert D. Physiology
Multiple selection pressures generate adherance to Bergmann's Rule in a Neotropical migrant songbird 2005 Jones, Jason; Gibb, Christine E.; Millard, Susanne C.; Barg, Jennifer J.; Girvan, Katharine M.; Veit, Lisa M.; Friesen, Vicki L.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
On understanding seasonal increases in damselfly defense and resistance against ectoparasitic mites 2005 Robb, Tonia; Forbes, Mark R. Parasite Ecology
Phenotypic effects on survival of neonatal northern watersnakes Nerodia sipedon 2005 Kissner, Kelley J.; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Population Ecology
Population genetic structure and dispersal across a fragmented landscape in cerulean warblers (Dendroica cerulea) 2005 Veit, Lisa M.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Hamel, Paul; Friesen, Vicki L. Population Ecology
Prey selection by dragonflies in relation to prey size and wasp-like colours and patterns 2005 Rashed, Arash; Beatty, Christopher D.; Forbes, Mark R.; Sherratt, Thomas N. Behavioural Ecology
Qualitative and quantitative analyses of flower scent in Silene latifolia 2005 Dötterl, Stefan; Wolfe, Lorne M.; Jürgens, Andreas
Secondary succession in two south-eastern Ontario old-fields 2005 Crowder, Adele A.; Harmsen, Rudolf Community Ecology
Sensory ecology of predator-prey interactions: responses of the AN2 interneuron in the field cricket, Teleogryllus ocaenicus, to the echolocation calls of sympatric bats 2005 Fullard, James H.; Guignion, Cassandra; Ratcliffe, John M.
Success of ectoparasites: how important is timing of host contact? 2005 Robb, Tonia; Forbes, Mark R. Parasite Ecology
The adaptive function of tiger moth clicks against echolocating bats: an experimental and synthetic approach 2005 Ratcliffe, John M.; Fullard, James H. Behavioural Ecology
The evolution of aggregation in profitable and unprofitable prey 2005 Beatty, Christopher D.; Bain, Roderick S.; Sherratt, Thomas N. Animal Behaviour
Time to extinction of bird populations 2005 Saether, Bernt-Erik; Engen, Steinar; Møller, Anders P.; Visser, Marcel E.; Matthyusen, Erik; Fiedler, Wolfgang; Larmbechts, Marcel M.; Becker, Peter H.; Brommer, Jon E.; Dickinson, Janis; du Feu, Chris; Gehlbach, Frederick R.; Merilä, Juha; Rendell, Wallace B.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Thomson, David; Török, János
Tracking habitat use of a long-distance migratory bird, the american redstart Setophaga ruticilla, using stable-carbon isotopes in cellular blood 2005 Norris, Ryan D.; Marra, Peter P.; Kyser, Kurt T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Genetic Ecology
Use of CDMA acoustic telemetry to document 3-D positions of fish: relevance to the design and monitoring of aquatic protected areas 2005 Cooke, Steven J.; Niezgoda, George H.; Hanson, Kyle C.; Suski, Cory D.; Phelan, Frank J. S.; Tinline, Rowland; Philipp, David P.
A potential cost of responding to bats for moths flying over water 2004 Guignion, Cassandra; Fullard, James H. Behavioural Ecology
Allometric gender allocation in Ambroisa artemisiifolia (Asteracaeae) has adaptive plasticity 2004 Paquin, Viviane; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Genetic Ecology
Angling-induced cardiac disturbance of free-swimming largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) monitored with heart rate telemetry 2004 Cooke, Steven J.; Bunt, Christopher M.; Ostrand, Kenneth; Philipp, David P.; Wahl, David H. Applied Ecology
Biotelemetry: a mechanistic approach to ecology 2004 Cooke, Steven J.; Hinch, Scott G.; Wikelski, Martin; Andrews, Russel; Kuchel, Louise; Wolcott, Thomas; Butler, Patrick Community Ecology
Black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus), The Birds of North America (A. Poole, Ed.). 2004 Foote, Jennifer R.; Mennill, Daniel J.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Smith, Susan M.
Chickadee song structure is individually distinctive over long broadcast distances 2004 Christie, Peter; Mennill, Daniel J.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Controlling for the effects of history and nonequilibrium conditions in gene flow estimates in northern bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) populations 2004 Austin, James; Lougheed, Stephen C.; Boag, Peter T. Genetic Ecology
Discordant temporal and geographic patterns in maternal lineages of eastern north American frogs, Rana catesbeiana (Ranidae) and Pseudacris crucifer (Hylidae) 2004 Austin, James; Lougheed, Stephen C.; Boag, Peter T. Genetic Ecology
Distributional, morphological and genetic consequnces of dispersal for temporary pool water mites 2004 Bohonak, Andrew J. ; Smith, Bruce P.; Thornton, Melissa R. Population Genetics
Do male black-capped chickadees eavesdrop on song contests? A multi-speaker playback experiment 2004 Mennill, Daniel J.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Population Ecology
Effects of early song experience on song preferences and song-control and auditory brain regions in female house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) 2004 Hernandez, Alexandra M.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Scott A.
Effects of ice storm canopy gaps on shoot architecture in young sugar maple (Acer saccharum) 2004 Aarssen, Lonnie W.; Francq, Andrea E.
Effects of incremental increases in silt load on the cardiovascular performance of riverine and lacustrine rock bass, Ambloplites rupestris 2004 Bunt, Christopher M.; Cooke, Steven J.; Schreer, Jason F.; Philipp, David P. Applied Ecology
Experimental dissection of inbreeding and its adaptive significance in a flowering plant, Aquilegia canadensis (Ranunculaceae) 2004 Herlihy, Christopher R.; Eckert, Christopher G. Population Genetics; Botany
Extinction of the acoustic startle response in moths endemic to a bat free habitat 2004 Fullard, James H.; Ratcliffe, John M.; Soutar, Amanda R.
Factors affecting the vulnerability to angling of nesting male largemouth and smallmouth bass 2004 Suski, Cory D.; Philipp, David P. Behavioural Ecology
Habitat characteristics and nest predation do not explain clustered breeding in least flycatchers (Empidonax minimus) 2004 Tarof, Scott; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Reproductive Ecology
Increased performance of offspring sired by parasitic males in bluegill sunfish 2004 Neff, Bryan D.