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The glucocorticoid stress response is attenuated but unrelated to reproductive investment during parental care in a teleost fish 2011 O‘Connor, Constance M.; Yick, Claire Y.; Gilmour, Kathleen M.; Van Der Kraak, Glen; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology; Reproductive Ecology
The stress of parenthood? Increased glucocorticoids in birds with experimentally enlarged broods 2011 Bonier, Frances; Moore, Ignacio T.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Animal Physiology
Variation in the structure of bird nests between northern Manitoba and southeastern Ontario 2011 Crossman, Christine; Rohwer, Vanya G.; Martin, Paul R. Ecology
Within seasons and among years: When are corticosterone levels repeatable? 2011 Ouyang, Jenny Q.; Hau, Micheala; Bonier, Frances Animal Physiology
Adaptive auditory risk assessment in the dogbane tiger moth when pursued by bats 2010 Ratcliffe, John M.; Fullard, James H.; Arthur, Benjamin; Hoy, Ronald Behavioural Ecology
Adult-like plumage coloration predicts winter territory quality and timing of arrival on the breeding grounds of yearling male American redstarts 2010 Germain, Ryan R.; Marra, Peter P.; Kyser, Kurt T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Auditory sensitivity and ecological relevance: The functional audiogram as modelled by the bat detecting moth ear 2010 Jackson, Matthew; Asi, Navdeep S.; Fullard, James H. Physiology
Behavioral and physiological responses of a wild teleost fish to cortisol and androgen manipulation during parental care 2010 Dey, Cody J.; O‘Connor, Constance M.; Gilmour, Kathleen M.; Van Der Kraak, Glen; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology; Animal Behaviour
Black-capped chickadee dawn choruses are interactive communication networks 2010 Foote, Jennifer R.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Mennill, Daniel J.; Fitzsimmons, Lauren P. Behavioural Ecology
Black-capped chickadees (Poecile atricapillus) can use individually distinctive songs to discriminate between conspecifics 2010 Wilson, David R.; Mennill, Daniel J. Animal Behaviour
Brood predation pressure during parental care does not influence parental enzyme activities related swimming activity in a teleost fish 2010 Gravel, Marie-Ange; Couture, Patrice; Cooke, Steven J. Behavioural Ecology
Cardiovascular performance of six species of field-acclimatized centrarchid sunfish during the parental care period 2010 Cooke, Steven J.; Schreer, Jason F.; Wahl, David H.; Philipp, David P. Behavioural Ecology
Carotenoid-based male plumage predicts parental investment in the american redstart 2010 Germain, Ryan R.; Reudink, Matthew W.; Marra, Peter P.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Reproductive Ecology
Clarifying the cort-fitness hypothesis: A response to Dingemanse et al 2010 Bonier, Frances; Martin, Paul R.; Moore, Ignacio T.; Wingfield, John C. Behavioural Ecology
Comparative energetics and physiology of parental care in smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu across a latitudinal gradient 2010 Gravel, Marie-Ange; Couture, Patrice; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology
Effects of nutritional status on metabolic rate, exercise and recovery in a freshwater fish 2010 Gingerich, Andrew J.; Philipp, David P.; Suski, Cory D. Animal Physiology
Estimating the energetic significance of basking behaviour in a temperate-zone turtle 2010 Bulté, Grégory; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Behavioural Ecology
Geographic variation in nests of yellow warblers breeding in Churchill, Manitoba, and Elgin, Ontario 2010 Rohwer, Vanya G.; Law, James S. Y. Ecology
Implications of extreme sexual size dimorphism for thermoregulation in a freshwater turtle 2010 Bulté, Grégory; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Physiology
Latitudinal variation in seasonal activity and mortality in ratsnakes (Elaphe obsoleta) 2010 Sperry, Jinelle H.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Carfagno, Gerardo L. F.; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Behavioural Ecology
Male song variation and female mate choice in the golden-winged warbler 2010 Harper, Sherilee; Vallender, Rachel; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Metabolism, nitrogen excretion, and heat shock proteins in the central mudminnow (Umbra limi), a facultative air-breathing fish living in a variable environment 2010 Currie, Suzie; Bagatto, Brian; DeMille, Matt; Learner, A.; LeBlanc, D.; Marks, Cynthia; Ong, K.; Parker, James; Templeman, N.; Tufts, Bruce L.; Wright, Patricia A. Physiology
Role of male spatial distribution and condition-dependent colouration on female spawning behaviour and reproductive success in bluegills 2010 Cogliati, Karen M.; Corkum, Lynda D.; Doucet, Stéphanie M. Behavioural Ecology; Spatial Ecology
Seasonal carryover effects following the administration of cortisol to a wild teleost fish 2010 O‘Connor, Constance M.; Gilmour, Kathleen M.; Arlinghaus, Robert; Hasler, Caleb T.; Philipp, David P.; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology
Sneakers, satellites and parentals: Polymorphic mating strategies in North American sunfishes 2010 Gross, Mart R. Population Ecology
Sperm quantity and quality effects on fertilization success in a highly promiscuous passerine, the tree swallow Tachycineta bicolor 2010 Laskemoen, Terje; Kleven, Oddmund; Fossøy, Frode; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Rudolfsen, Geir; Lifjeld, Jan T. Reproductive Ecology
Stability of swimming performance and activity hierarchies among wild largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) at multiple temporal scales: Evidence for context-dependent shuffling between seasons 2010 Hanson, Kyle C.; Hasler, Caleb T.; Donaldson, Michael R.; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology
The evolutionary origins of ritualized acoustic signals in caterpillars 2010 Scott, Jaclyn L.; Kawahara, Akito Y.; Skevington, Jeffery. H.; Yen, Shen-Horn; Sami, Abeer; Smith, Myron L.; Yack, Jayne E. Animal Behaviour; Entomology
The leaf size/number trade-off in herbaceous angiosperms 2010 Whitman, Thea; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Plant Ecology
The role of plant species size in invasibility: A field experiment 2010 Schamp, Brandon S.; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Plant Ecology
The signal value of bird song: Empirical evidence suggests song overlapping is a signal 2010 Naguib, Marc; Mennill, Daniel J. Animal Behaviour
Variation on a theme: Vibrational signaling in caterpillars of the rose hook-tip moth, Oreta rosea 2010 Scott, Jaclyn L.; Matheson, Sarah M.; Yack, Jayne E. Entomology
Whistling in caterpillars (Amorpha juglandis, Bombycoidea): Sound-producing mechanism and function 2010 Bura, Veronica L.; Rower, Vanya G.; Martin, Paul R.; Yack, Jayne E. Entomology
Aspect diversity in moths revisited 2009 Ricklefs, Robert Community Ecology
Comparative evidence for the evolution of sperm swimming speed by sperm competition and female sperm storage duration in passerine birds 2009 Kleven, Oddmund; Fossøy, Frode; Laskemoen, Terje; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Rudolfsen, Geir; Lifjeld, Jan T. Reproductive Ecology
Consequences of fishing lure retention on the behaviour and physiology of free-swimming smallmouth bass during the reproductive period 2009 Henry, Neil A.; Cooke, Steven J.; Hanson, Kyle C. Animal Physiology
Cut the line or remove the hook? An evaluation of sublethal and lethal endpoints for deeply hooked freshwater recreational fish 2009 Fobert, Emily; Meining, Patrick; Colotelo, Alison H.; O‘Connor, Constance M.; Cooke, Steven J. Fisheries Research
Do baseline glucocorticoids predict fitness? 2009 Bonier, Frances; Martin, Paul R.; Moore, Ignacio T.; Wingfield, John C. Animal Physiology
Do hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) sound like the Hymenoptera they morphologically resemble? 2009 Rashed, Arash; Khan, Micheal I.; Dawson, Jeff W.; Yack, Jayne E.; Sherratt, Thomas N. Entomology
Does sexual bimaturation affect the cost of growth and the operational sex ratio in an extremely size-dimorphic reptile? 2009 Bulté, Grégory; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Population Ecology
Effect of water temperature on laboratory swimming performance and natural activity levels of adult largemouth bass 2009 Hasler, Caleb T.; Suski, Cory D.; Hanson, Kyle C.; Cooke, Steven J.; Philipp, David P.; Tufts, Bruce L. Behavioural Ecology
Effects of extreme variation in female morph frequencies on the mating behaviour of male damselflies 2009 Ting, Janice J.; Bots, Jessica; Jvostov, Felipe P.; Van Gossum, Hans; Sherratt, Thomas N. Entomology
Female American goldfinches use carotenoid-based bill coloration to signal status 2009 Murphy, Troy G.; Rosenthal, Malcolm. F.; Montgomerie, Robert D.; Tarvin, Keith A. Ecology
Floral morphology mediates temporal variation in the mating system of a self-compatible plant 2009 Eckert, Christopher G.; Ozimec, Barbara; Herlihy, Christopher R.; Griffin, Celine A.; Routley, Matthew B. Botany
Habitat fragmentation and paternity in least flycatchers 2009 Kasumovic, Michael; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Boag, Peter T. Reproductive Ecology
Impact of recreational power boating on two populations of northern map turtles (Graptemys geographica) 2009 Bulté, Grégory; Carrière, Marie-Andrée; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Spatial Ecology
Individual reproductive success of largemouth bass and smallmouth bass subjected to different components of competitive angling events 2009 Siepker, Michael; Cooke, Steven J.; Wahl, David H.; Philipp, David P. Applied Ecology
Influence of inter-lake variation in natural nest predator burden on the parental care behaviour of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) 2009 Gravel, Marie-Ange; Cooke, Steven J. Behavioural Ecology
Inter-annual variation in prevalence and intensity of mite parasitism relates to the expression of damselfly resistance 2009 Nagel, Laura; Robb, Tonia; Forbes, Mark R. Entomology
Kinship affects innate responses to a predator in bluegill Lepomis macrochirus larvae 2009 Hain, Timothy J.A.; Neff, Bryan D. Behavioural Ecology
Life‐history traits and energetic status in relation to vulnerability to angling in an experimentally selected teleost fish 2009 Redpath, Tara D.; Cooke, Steven J.; Suski, Cory D.; Arlinghaus, Robert; Wahl, David H.; Philipp, David P. Fisheries Research
Long-term effects of surgically implanted telemetry tags on the nutritional physiology and condition of wild freshwater fish 2009 Caputo, Michelle; O‘Connor, Constance M.; Hasler, Caleb T.; Hanson, Kyle C.; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Morphology
Multi-annual variation in female morph frequencies of the polymorphic damselfly, Nehalennia irene, at continental and regional scales 2009 Iserbyt, Arne; Bots, Jessica; Ting, Janice J.; Jvostov, Felipe P.; Forbes, Mark R.; Sherratt, Thomas N.; Van Gossum, Hans Population Ecology
Multi-year seasonal sex-allocation patterns in red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) 2009 Weatherhead, Patrick J. Reproductive Ecology
No neural evidence for dynamic auditory tuning of the A1 receptor in the ear of the noctuid moth, Noctua pronuba 2009 Asi, Navdeep S.; Fullard, James H.; Whitehead, Scott; Dawson, Jeff W. Physiology
Non-breeding season events influence sexual selection in a long-distance migratory bird 2009 Reudink, Matthew W.; Marra, Peter P.; Kyser, Kurt T.; Boag, Peter T.; Langin, Kathryn; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Nutritional condition and physiology of paternal care in two congeneric species of black bass (Micropterus spp.) relative to stage of offspring development 2009 Hanson, Kyle C.; Cooke, Steven J. Physiology
Offspring for the next generation: Most are produced by small plants within herbaceous populations 2009 Chambers, Jesse; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Plant Ecology
Parasite-mediated selection amidst marked inter-annual variation in mite parasitism and damselfly life history traits 2009 Nagel, Laura; Robb, Tonia; Forbes, Mark R. Entomology
Parental investment amplifies effects of genetic complementarity on growth rates in song sparrows, Melospiza melodia 2009 Potvin, Dominique A.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Elizabeth A. Animal Behaviour