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Name Year Authors Disciplines
Unseasonal breeding in artificial colonies of Peromyscus leucopus 1965 Sheppe, Walter Reproductive Ecology
An investigation into the nature of the layering of deep-water sediments in two eastern Ontario lakes 1964 Tippett, Roger
Flow folding 1963 Wynne-Edwards, Hugh R. Geology
Gradient analysis in swamp forests 1962 Beschel, Roland E.; Webber, Patrick J. Community Ecology
Woodland Transects of the Frontenac Axis Region, Ontario 1962 Beschel, Roland E.; Webber, Patrick J.; Tippett, Roger Spatial Ecology
Hematological values in deer mice in relation to botfly infection 1961 Sealand, John Physiology
Biogeochemistry of organic matter: polypeptides and amino acids in fossils and sediments in relation to geothermometry 1960 Jones, Jason; Vallentyne, John R. Limnology
On fish remains in lacustrine sediments 1960 Vallentyne, John R.
On the occurrence of free sugars in lake sediment extracts 1957 Whittaker, J.; Vallentyne, John R. Limnology
Relationships between temperature and blood oxygen in the largemouth bass 1956 Denyes, H. Arliss; Joseph, Jeanne Physiology
A modification of the Livingstone piston sampler for lake deposits 1955 Vallentyne, John R. Limnology
Insect removal of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from lakes 1952 Vallentyne, John R. Limnology