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Food specializations and bioenergetic interrelations in the fish faunas of small Ontario waterways. 1969 Keast, Allen
Rearing and description of the early stages of the nearctic species of Peridea, with special reference to P. Basitriens (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) 1969 Riotte, J. Charles E. Entomology
Summer activity of Myotis lucifugus (Chiroptera:Vespertilionidae) at hibernacula in Ontario and Quebec 1969 Fenton, M. Brock Animal Behaviour; Behavioural Ecology
Daily Feeding Periodicities, Food Uptake Rates, and .Dietary Changes with flour of Day in Sorne Lake Fishes' 1968 Keast, Allen; Welsh, Linda Fish Ecology; Fish Behaviour; Fisheries Research
Feeding biology in the Black Crappie, Pomoxis nigromaculatus. 1968 Keast, Allen Fish Behaviour; Fish Ecology
Notes on larval food plants of some sphingids in Ontario, Canada 1967 Riotte, J. Charles E. Experimental Ecology; Animal Behaviour
The effect of livetrapping on the movements of Peromyscus 1967 Sheppe, Walter Spatial Ecology; Animal Behaviour
Exploration by the deer mouse, Peromyscus leucopus 1966 Sheppe, Walter Spatial Ecology; Animal Behaviour
Mouth and Body Form Relative to Feeding Ecology in the Fish Fauna of a Small Lake, Lake Opinicon, Ontario 1966 Keast, Allen; Webb, Deirdre Animal Morphology
Trophic interrelationships in the fish fauna of a small stream 1966 Keast, Allen
Barren ring, a description and study of causal relationships 1965 Toohey, John I.; Nelson, C.; Krotkov, G.
Characteristics and uses of Peromyscus tracking data 1965 Sheppe, Walter Spatial Ecology
Island populations and gene flow in the deer mouse, Peromyscus leucopus 1965 Sheppe, Walter Genetic Ecology; Population Genetics
Resource subdivision amongst cohabiting fish species in a bay, Lake Opinicon, Ontario 1965 Keast, Allen Behavioural Ecology
Unseasonal breeding in artificial colonies of Peromyscus leucopus 1965 Sheppe, Walter Reproductive Ecology
An investigation into the nature of the layering of deep-water sediments in two eastern Ontario lakes 1964 Tippett, Roger
Flow folding 1963 Wynne-Edwards, Hugh R. Geology
Gradient analysis in swamp forests 1962 Beschel, Roland E.; Webber, Patrick J. Community Ecology
Woodland Transects of the Frontenac Axis Region, Ontario 1962 Beschel, Roland E.; Webber, Patrick J.; Tippett, Roger Spatial Ecology
Hematological values in deer mice in relation to botfly infection 1961 Sealand, John Physiology
Biogeochemistry of organic matter: polypeptides and amino acids in fossils and sediments in relation to geothermometry 1960 Jones, Jason; Vallentyne, John R. Limnology
On fish remains in lacustrine sediments 1960 Vallentyne, John R.
On the occurrence of free sugars in lake sediment extracts 1957 Whittaker, J.; Vallentyne, John R. Limnology
Relationships between temperature and blood oxygen in the largemouth bass 1956 Denyes, H. Arliss; Joseph, Jeanne Physiology
A modification of the Livingstone piston sampler for lake deposits 1955 Vallentyne, John R. Limnology
Insect removal of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from lakes 1952 Vallentyne, John R. Limnology