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Aspect diversity in moths revisited


Ricklefs and O’Rourke compared the diversity of appearance (aspect diversity) in samples of moths attracted to ultraviolet lights in Colorado, Arizona, and Panama. The more species‐rich Panamanian assemblage of moths exhibited proportionately greater diversity of color and form, which supported...

Anti-bat flight activity in sound-producing versus silent moths


The ultrasonic clicks produced by some tiger moths — all of which possess bat-detecting ears — are effective acoustic aposematic or mimetic signals, conferring protection against aerial hawking bats. Clicks are produced in response to bat echolocation calls. Palatable, silent non-tiger-moth species...

Auditory encoding during the last moment of a moth's life


The simple auditory system of noctuoid moths has long been a model for anti-predator studies in neuroethology, although these ears have rarely been experimentally stimulated by the sounds they would encounter from naturally attacking bats. We exposed the ears of...

An improved chemiluminescent tag for bats


Chemical lights and gelatin capsules prepared using Cyalume® fluid are widely used by researchers and public educators to mark bats, but may be associated with risks to bats from Cyalume leakage. Newly available 2.9-mm x 24-mm lightsticks weigh significantly less...