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Generation time and temporal scaling of bird population dynamics


Theoretical studies have shown that variation in density regulation strongly influences population dynamics, yet our understanding of factors influencing the strength of density dependence in natural populations still is limited. Consequently, few general hypotheses have been advanced to explain the...

Genetics of Avian Mating Systems


Traditional population genetics theory assumed that at some level in the hierarchy of genetic diversity there existed 'demes' in which males and females mate at random. Polygynous mating systems or individual variance in reproductive success were considered complications which altered...

Genetic evidence for cuckoldry in bluegill Lepomis macrochirus


In colonies of bluegill, some males provide parental care for broods in nests, whereas other males steal fertilizations and do not provide parental care. Using experimental pond populations of bluegill of known genotype (determined through protein electrophoresis), we demonstrate that...

Gradient analysis in swamp forests


During 1960 and 1961 we studied periodically flooded wetlands dominated by the trees Larix laricina, Thuja accidentalis, and Ulmus americana along transects from lake margins to the upland in the Rideau Lakes Region of Ontario. This vegetation shows distinct belts...