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Modelling succession to include a herbivore effect


Long-term data collected from an old-field community suggest that physical and environmental patterns alone may be insufficient to account for different patterns of succession. Using a simple Lotka–Volterra model to represent competition between early and late succession guilds, we add...

Microsatellite evolution in sunfish (Centrarchidae)


We describe 10 microsatellite loci from bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) and discuss their evolution within the Centrarchidae. All of the loci exhibit Mendelian inheritance and are unlinked. While six loci are conserved within the Centrarchidae (found also in pumpkinseed...

Measurement versus estimation of condition in snakes


Because variation in fat reserves (i.e., condition) is expected to contribute to variation in survival and reproductive success, zoologists often wish to estimate the condition of the animals they study. The conventional condition estimates used for snakes are the residuals...

Male behavior and female recruitment in the red-winged blackbird


Behavioral tests using freeze-dried female Red-winged Blackbird models were conducted on 11 territorial males through one breeding season. The intensity of courtship in the tests reflected recruitment success but not territory quality, indicating that those male attributes associated with territory...