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Stabilizing selection on genomic divergence in a wild fish population


Conservation programs use breeding protocols to increase genomic divergence (by mating genetically dissimilar individuals) in an attempt to circumvent population declines resulting from inbreeding depression. However, disruption of either beneficial gene complexes or local genetic adaptations can lead to outbreeding...

Auditory encoding during the last moment of a moth's life


The simple auditory system of noctuoid moths has long been a model for anti-predator studies in neuroethology, although these ears have rarely been experimentally stimulated by the sounds they would encounter from naturally attacking bats. We exposed the ears of...

Quantifying an anti-bat flight response by eared moths


Using near-infrared videotaping we measured the nocturnal flight times of six species of eared moths (Amphipyra pyramidoides Guenée, Caenurgina erechtea (Cramer), Feltia jaculifera (Guenée), Phlogophora periculosa Guenée, Lymantria dispar (Linné), and Ennomos magnariaGuenée) in cages in which they...