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Is there a bullfrog decline in Ontario?


Evidence from a variety of sources, including commercial harvesters, Ministry of Natural Resources census data, and field studies, indicates that Bullfrogs in Ontario are less common now than they were in previous decades, and larger ones are particularly hard to...

Impact of parasitism by larval Limnochares aquatica (Acari: Hydrachnidia; Limnocharidae) on juvenile Gerris comatus, Gerris alacris, and Gerris buenoi (Insecta: Hemiptera; Gerridae)


Laboratory-reared first-instar juvenile Gerris comatus Drake & Hottes, Gerris alacris Hussey, and Gerris buenoi Kirkaldy were exposed to larval Limnochares aquatica (L.). Development and mortality of parasitized juvenile water striders were monitored and compared with those of unparasitized insects. Duration...