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Performance trade-offs in wild mice


Various aspects of performance (e.g., speed, strength, endurance) are thought to be important determinants of the success of animals in natural activities such as foraging, mating, and escaping from predators. However, it is generally known that morphological properties enhancing one...

Provisioning rates by golden-winged warblers


We studied parental provisioning rates and nestling body condition in an introgressed population of Golden-winged Warblers (Vermivora chrysoptera) in eastern Ontario. Twelve nests were monitored until the young fledged; six nests were parented by phenotypically pure Golden-winged Warbler males and...

Promiscuity drives self-referent kin recognition


Kin selection theory has been one of the most significant advances in our understanding of social behavior. However, the discovery of widespread promiscuity has challenged the evolutionary importance of kin selection because it reduces the benefit associated with helping nestmates...