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Name Year Authors Disciplines
The inshore vertical distribution of young-of-year Lepomis in Lake Opinicon, Ontario 1982 Brown, Joseph A.; Colgan, Patrick W. Spatial Ecology
The use of lateral-body bar markings in identification of young-of-year sunfish (Lepomis) in Lake Opinicon, Ontario 1981 Brown, Joseph A.; Colgan, Patrick W. Population Ecology
The reproductive biology of rock bass, Ambloplites rupestris (Centrarchidae), in Lake Opinicon, Ontario 1980 Gross, Mart R.; Nowell, William Reproductive Ecology
The influence of moth hearing on bat echolocation strategies 1979 Fenton, M. Brock; Fullard, James H. Behavioural Ecology; Animal Physiology
Trophic and spatial interrelationships in the fish species of an Ontario temperate lake 1978 Keast, Allen Spatial Ecology
The aquatic macrophytes of some lakes in southeastern Ontario 1977 Crowder, Adele A.; Bristow, J. Michael; King, M.; Vander Kloet, Sam P. Botany; Plant Ecology; Limnology
The effect of methoxychlor on carbon assimilation by freshwater phytoplankton 1976 Page, Deanna L.; Colman, Brian Limnology
The effect of recreational land use on avian populations. 1976 Flood, N.; McIntosh, H.
The Effects of a Small Rural Garbage Dump on Populations of Peromyscus leucopus Rafinesque and Other Small Mammals 1976 Courtney, P. A.; Fenton, M. Brock Population Ecology
The function and evolution of aggressive host behavior towards the brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater) 1976 Robertson, Raleigh J.; Norman, Richard Behavioural Ecology; Ecology
The influence of floating vascular plants on the diurnal fluctuations of temperature near the water surface in early spring 1976 Dale, Hugh M.; Gillespie, T. Limnology
The microtymbals of some Arctiidae 1974 Fenton, M. Brock; Roeder, K. D. Animal Physiology
The structure of aerial-feeding bat faunas as indicated by ears and wing elements. 1972 Fenton, M. Brock Animal Biochemistry; Ecology
The reaction 3 cordierite = 2 garnet + 4 sillimanite + 5 quartz as a geological thermometer in the Opinicon Lake region, Ontario 1971 Currie, Kenneth L. Geology
The deciduous dentition and its replacement in Myotis lucifugus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) 1970 Fenton, M. Brock Ecology; Animal Morphology
The effect of livetrapping on the movements of Peromyscus 1967 Sheppe, Walter Spatial Ecology; Animal Behaviour
Trophic interrelationships in the fish fauna of a small stream 1966 Keast, Allen