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Performance trade-offs in wild mice 2019 Berberi, Ilias; Careau, Vincent Animal Physiology
Purifying selection in the toll-like receptors of song sparrows Melospiza melodia. 2018 Nelson-Flower, MJ; Germain, Ryan R.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Elizabeth A.; Arcese, P
Parental Care in a Stressful World: Experimentally Elevated Cortisol and Brood Size Manipulation Influence Nest Success Probability and Nest-Tending Behavior in a Wild Teleost Fish* 2017 Algera, Dirk A.; Gutowsky, Lee F. G.; Zolderdo, Aaron J.; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology
Potential consequences of angling on nest-site fidelity in largemouth bass 2017 Twardek, William M.; Shultz, Aaron D.; Claussen, Julie E.; Cooke, Steven J.; Stein, Jeffrey A.; Koppelman, Jeffery B.; Phelan, Frank J. S.; Philipp, David P. Fish Ecology; Fish Behaviour
Pumpkinseed sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus) from littoral and limnetic habitats differ in stress responsiveness independent of environmental complexity and presence of conspecifics 2017 Belanger, Cassia B.; Peiman, Kathryn S.; Vera-Chang, Marilyn N.; Moon, Thomas W.; Cooke, Steven J. Animal Physiology
Plumage colour is associated with partner parental care in mutually ornamented tree swallows 2016 Dakin, Roslyn Behavioural Ecology
Physiological tradeoffs may underlie the evolution of hypoxia tolerance and exercise performance in sunfish (Centrarchidae) 2014 Crans, Kyle Physiology
Physiological disturbances and behavioural impairment associated with the incidental capture of freshwater turtles in a commercial fyke-net fishery 2013 Stoot, Lauren J.; Cairns, Nicholas A.; Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Cooke, Steven J. Conservation Physiology
Plant species size and density‐dependent effects on growth and survival 2013 Schamp, Brandon S.; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Plant Ecology
Parasite-mediated selection amidst marked inter-annual variation in mite parasitism and damselfly life history traits. 2009 Nagel, Laura; Robb, Tonia; Forbes, Mark R.
Paternity assurance through frequent copulations in a wild passerine with intense sperm competition 2009 Crowe, Susan; Kleven, Oddmund; Delmore, Kira; Laskemoen, Terje; Nocera, Joseph; Lifjeld, Jan; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Paternity, parental behavior and circulating steroid hormone concentrations in nest-tending male bluegill 2009 Neff, Bryan D.; Knapp, Rosemary Behavioural Ecology
Patterns of trematode and nematode lungworm infections in northern leopard frogs and wood frogs from Ontario, Canada 2009 Dare, Oluwayemisi K.; Forbes, Mark R.
Physiological and behavioural consequences of catch-and-release angling on northern pike (Esox lucius L.) 2009 Arlinghaus, Robert; Klefoth, Thomas; Cooke, Steven J.; Gingerich, Andrew James; Suski, Cory D. Behavioural Ecology
Plumage brightness predicts nonbreeding season territory quality in a long-distance migratory songbird, the American redstart Setophaga ruticilla. 2009 Reudink, Matthew W.; Studds, Colin E.; Marra, Peter P.; Kyser, Kurt T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.
Plumage coloration predicts paternity and polygyny in the american redstart 2009 Reudink, Matthew W.; Marra, Peter P.; Boag, Peter T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Reproductive Ecology
Population densities of golden-winged warbler and their hybrids, in eastern Ontario 2009 King, Laura E.; Emery, Virginia J.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Vallender, Rachel; Martin, Paul R. Spatial Ecology
Population densities of Golden-winged Warbler, Blue-winged Warbler and their hybrids, in eastern Ontario 2009 King, Laura E.; Emery, Virginia J.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Vallender, Rachel; Martin, Paul R.
Parental care in response to natural variation in nest predation pressure in six sunfish (Centrarchidae: telestei) species 2008 Cooke, Steven J.; Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Wahl, David H.; Philipp, David P. Behavioural Ecology
Parental investment amplifies effects of genetic complementarity on growth rates in song sparrows (Melospiza melodia) 2008 Potvin, Dominique A.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Elizabeth A.
Paternal song complexity predicts fledgling, but not hatching, offspring sex ratios in song sparrows Melospiza melodia 2008 Potvin, Dominique A.; MacDougall-Shackleton, Elizabeth A.
Physiological, behavior, and survival of angled and air-exposed largemouth bass 2008 Thompson, Lisa; Cooke, Steven J.; Donaldson, Michael R.; Hanson, Kyle C.; Gingerich, Andrew James; Klefoth, Thomas; Arlinghaus, Robert Behavioural Ecology
Post-contest behaviour in black-capped chickadees (Poecile atricapillus): loser displays, not victory displays, follow asymmetrical countersinging exchanges 2008 Lippold, Sarah; Fitzsimmons, Lauren P.; Foote, Jennifer R.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Mennill, Daniel J. Behavioural Ecology
Paternity and performance of golden-winged warblers (Vermivora chrysoptera) and golden-winged X blue-winged warbler (V. Pinus) hybrids at the leading edge of a hybrid zone 2007 Vallender, Rachel; Friesen, Vicki L.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Population Genetics
Provisioning rates by golden-winged warblers 2007 Reed, Lauren; Vallender, Rachel; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology
Paternal genetic effects on foraging decision-making under the risk of predation 2006 Lister, Joanna; Neff, Bryan D. Population Genetics
Plasma levels of androgens and cortisol in relation to breeding behavior in parental male bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus 2006 Magee, Sarah; Neff, Bryan D.; Knapp, Rosemary Reproductive Ecology
Prenatal sex ratios and expression of sexually dimorphic traits in three snake species 2006 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Kissner, Kelley; Sommerer, Sophie Reproductive Ecology
Promiscuity drives self-referent kin recognition 2006 Hain, Timothy; Neff, Bryan D. Behavioural Ecology
Phenotypic effects on survival of neonatal northern watersnakes Nerodia sipedon 2005 Kissner, Kelley; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Population Ecology
Population genetic structure and dispersal across a fragmented landscape in cerulean warblers (Dendroica cerulea) 2005 Veit, Lisa M.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Hamel, Paul; Friesen, Vicki L. Population Ecology
Prey selection by dragonflies in relation to prey size and wasp-like colours and patterns 2005 Rashed, Arash; Beatty, Christopher D.; Forbes, Mark R.; Sherratt, Thomas N. Behavioural Ecology
Patterns of extrapair mating in relation to male dominance status and female nest placement in black-capped chickadees 2004 Mennill, Daniel J.; Ramsay, Scott; Boag, Peter T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Spatial Ecology
Persistence and regression of hearing in the exclusively diurnal moths, Trichodezia albovittata (Geometridae) and Lycomorpha pholus (Arctiidae) 2004 Muma, Katherine E.; Fullard, James H. Behavioural Ecology
Phenotypic consequences of nest-site selection in black rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta) 2004 Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Row, Jeffrey R. Reproductive Ecology
Physiological significance of the weigh-in during live-release angling tournaments for largemouth bass 2004 Suski, Cory D.; Killen, Shaun Applied Ecology
Predicting the effects of Cerulean Warbler management on eastern Ontario bird species 2004 Jones, Jason; McLeish, William J.; Robertson, Raleigh J.
Paternity and condition affect cannibalistic behavior in nest-tending bluegill sunfish 2003 Neff, Bryan D. Behavioural Ecology
Photoperiodic regulation of food storing and hippocampus volume in black-capped chickadees, Poecile atricapillus 2003 MacDougall-Shackleton, Scott A.; Sherry, David F.; Clark, Andrew P.; Pinkus, Rebecca; Hernandez, Alexandra M. Animal Behaviour
Pitch shifts and song structure indicate male quality in the dawn chorus of black-capped chickadees 2003 Christie, Peter; Mennill, Daniel J.; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Precision and accuracy of body-size measurements in a constricting, large-bodied snake (Elaphe obsoleta) 2003 Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Experimental Ecology
Parasitism of damselflies (Enallagma boreale) by gregarines: sex bias and relations to adult survivorship 2002 Hecker, K. R.; Forbes, Mark R.; Leonard, N. J.
Parental care patterns and energetics of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) and largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) monitored with activity transmitters 2002 Cooke, Steven J.; Philipp, David P.; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Spatial Ecology
Protracted reproduction in sunfish: the temporal dimension in fish recruitment revisited 2002 Garvey, James; Herra, Tomasz; Leggett, William C. Population Ecology
Physical activity and behaviour of a centrarchid fish, Micropterus salmoides, during spawning 2001 Cooke, Steven J.; McKinley, R. S.; Philipp, David P.
Polymorphic microsatellite loci for assigning parentage in least flycatchers (Empidonax minimus) 2001 Tarof, Scott; Ratcliffe, Laurene M.; Boag, Peter T. Genetic Ecology
Pair formation and copulation behavior in least flycatcher clusters 2000 Tarof, Scott; Ratcliffe, Laurene M. Behavioural Ecology
Paleolimnological evidence of limnetic nutrient concentration equilibrium in a shallow, macrophyte-dominated lake 2000 Karst, Tammy; Smol, John Community Ecology
Parentage analysis with incomplete sampling of candidate parents and offspring 2000 Neff, Bryan D.; Repka, Joe; Gross, Mart R. Genetic Ecology
Patterns of variation in spring emergence by black rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta) 2000 Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Prior, Kent; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Spatial Ecology
Plasticity in preferred body temperature of young snakes in response to temperature during development 2000 Blouin-Demers, Gabriel; Kissner, Kelley; Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Price, A. Physiology
Population differences in the onset of cranial ossification in pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus), a potential cost of rapid growth 2000 Arendt, Jeffrey; Wilson, David R. Population Ecology
Parasitism of sympetrum dragonflies by Arrenurus planus mites: maintenance of resistance particular to one species 1999 Forbes, Mark R.; Muma, Katherine E.; Smith, Bruce P. Parasite Ecology
Population genetic structure in the black rat snake: implications for management 1997 Prior, Kent; Gibbs, H. Lisle; Weatherhead, Patrick J. Genetic Ecology
Predation by hydra on larval fish: field and laboratory experiments with bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) 1997 Elliott, J. K.; Elliott, J. M.; Leggett, William C. Community Ecology
Post-hibernation mortality in black rat snakes, Elaphe o. obsoleta 1996 Pior, Kent; Shilton, Catherine Population Ecology
Predator--induced life history changes: antipredator behavior costs or facultative life history shifts 1996 Ball, Shelley; Baker, Robert L. Population Ecology
Pair and extra-pair mating success relative to male quality in red-winged blackbirds 1995 Weatherhead, Patrick J.; Boag, Peter T. Reproductive Ecology
Predicting patterns of prey use from morphology of fishes 1995 Wainwright, Peter; Richard, Barton Community Ecology
Plastic allometry in young sugar maple (Acer saccharum): adaptive responses to light availability 1994 Bonser, Stephen; Aarssen, Lonnie W. Botany