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Nutritional stress and behavioural immunity of damselflies


Increased mortality in the presence of stress may result from stress-reduced availability of energy for immune function, coupled with the presence of pathogens or parasites. We tested the hypothesis that stress reduces antiparasite responses of damselflies Ischnuraverticalis (Hagen) to...

Nestling american robins compete with siblings by begging


We demonstrate that the probability that an individual nestling received food was related to several indices of begging. When we experimentally prevented parents from feeding part of their brood, both the intensity of begging and the number of feedings subsequently...

Nitrogen fixation in the rhizosphere of freshwater angiosperms.


Acetylene reduction by bacteria in the rhizosphere of Glycerin borealis and Typllrc sp. was studied under anaerobic and aerobic conditions. Under anaerobic conditions, when roots and rhizomes were incubated with rhizosphere sediments at 25'C without glucose, acetylene reduction to ethylene...