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Freshwater commercial bycatch: an understated conservation problem


Bycatch from marine commercial fisheries has been regarded as a global conservation concern for decades. Fortunately, some headway has been made in mitigating bycatch problems in marine fisheries. Freshwater commercial fisheries, however, have been relatively understudied. Although freshwater yields comprise...

Food stress, nesting growth, and fluctuating asymmetry


It has been suggested that fluctuating asymmetry (FA) is an indicator of perturbed development. Our study tests the validity of a fundamental assumption of asymmetry theory: that environmental stress imposed during development increases FA. We deprived tree swallow (Tachycineta...

Female spacing patterns in brown-headed cowbirds


Breeding female cowbirds at the Queen's University Biological Station are often aggressive when encountering other females within their ranges, but they do not defend exclusive territories. The likelihood of aggression appears to be a function of two factors. First, females...

Feeding ecology of insectivorous bats


This paper is a report of some of our efforts to increase knowl- edge about the feeding ecology of insectivorous bats. It includes some consideration of what insectivorous bats eat, structure in bat faunas, the role of activity in resource...

Flow folding


Principles of fluid mechanics are used to interpret the structures in high-grade metamorphic rocks which behaved like viscous fluids and thus were deformed by nonuniform laminar flow. The structures investigated are in a typical Grenville assemblage of gneisses, marbles, and...