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Ecological divergence of burying beetles into the forest canopy


Closely related species with overlapping geographic ranges encounter a significant challenge: they share many ecological traits and preferences but must partition resources to coexist. In Ontario, potentially eleven species of carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) live together and require vertebrate carrion...

Efficacy of coverboards of sampling small northern snakes


Using coverboards to monitor herpetofauna is common practice, yet few studies have formally tested the efficacy of using coverboards. We tested whether using coverboards on survey plots increased the number of small snakes detected in eastern Ontario, Canada. We set...

Enhancing catch-and-release science with biotelemetry


Catch‐and‐release (C&R) angling is widely practised by anglers and is a common fisheries management strategy or is a by‐product of harvest regulations. Accordingly, there is a growing body of research that examines not only the mortality associated with C&R, but...

Energetics of parental care in six syntopic centrarchid fishes


We studied parental behavior in six syntopically breeding species of centrarchid fishes to determine whether energetic costs could contribute to our understanding of the diversity of parental care. We used a combination of underwater videography, radio telemetry and direct observation...

Effects of a mite, Limnochares americana (Hydrachnida: Limnocharidae), on the life-history traits and grooming behaviour of its damselfly host, Enallagma ebrium (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)


We examined whether experimental parasitism by a mite Limnochares americana (Lundblad) affected survivorship and maturation of adult damselflies Enallagma ebrium (Hagen). We then tested whether differences in grooming activity between control and exposed individuals (within different age or sex categories...