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Name Year Authors Disciplines
Differential allocation of reproductive effort to territorial establishment and maintenance by male yellow warblers (Dendroica petechia) 1988 Studd, Michael V.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology
Dynamics of nest defense by male centrarchid fish 1988 Colgan, Patrick W.; Brown, Joseph A. Behavioural Ecology
Do nest building and first egg dates reflect settlement patterns of females? 1987 Stutchbury, Bridget J.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology
Development of dietary specializations in a summer community of juvenile fishes 1985 Keast, Allen Community Ecology
Differences in vegetative and reproductive growth among Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland populations of Vaccinium angustifolium Aiton 1985 Vander Kloet, Sam P. Ecology
Do female red-winged blackbirds limit harem size? I. A removal experiment 1985 Hurly, Andrew T.; Robertson, Raleigh J. Behavioural Ecology
Do male tree swallows guard their mates? 1984 Leffelaar, David; Robertson, Raleigh J. Reproductive Ecology; Behavioural Ecology
Dynamics of territorial singing between neighboring song sparrows (Melospiza melodia) 1983 Kramer, Howard; Lemon, Robert Behavioural Ecology
Diet overlaps and feeding relationships between the year classes in the yellow perch (Perca flavescens) 1977 Keast, Allen Community Ecology
Distribution, seasonality, and biomass of aquatic macrophytes in Lake Opinicon (Eastern Ontario) 1977 Crowder, Adele A.; Bristow, J. Michael; King, M.; Vander Kloet, Sam P. Botany; Plant Ecology; Limnology
Diurnal fluctuations of temperature near the bottom of shallow water bodies as affected by solar radiation, bottom color and water circulation 1977 Dale, Hugh M.; Gillespie, T.
Dynamics of aggression in male pumpkinseed sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus) over the reproductive phase 1977 Colgan, Patrick W.; Gross, Mart R. Reproductive Ecology; Fish Ecology
Diffuse competition in Lepidoptera 1974 Hebert, Paul D.N.; Ward, Philip S.; Harmsen, Rudolf Community Ecology; Ecology
Daily Feeding Periodicities, Food Uptake Rates, and .Dietary Changes with flour of Day in Sorne Lake Fishes' 1968 Keast, Allen; Welsh, Linda Fish Ecology; Fish Behaviour; Fisheries Research