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What does body size mean, from the “plant's eye view”?


Alternative metrics exist for representing variation in plant body size, but the vast majority of previous research for herbaceous plants has focused on dry mass. Dry mass provides a reasonably accurate and easily measured estimate for comparing relative capacity to...

Why do diurnal moths have ears?


Ears exist in moths primarily for the purpose of detecting hunting bats at night to avoid predation. The ears of four species of day-flying Nearctic moths are as sensitive as those of a common, night-flying genus to the frequencies emitted...

Why hummingbirds hover


Hummingbirds are noted for their hovering flight, and it has been shown that a bird that hovers can move more quickly between flowers than one that perches. Because the relative importance of energetic costs vs. speed increases with body size...

Woodland Transects of the Frontenac Axis Region, Ontario


We wished to determine if such a vegetational continuum could be derived not only from a non-spatial correlation of stands but instead from plant presence and importance measured along definite environmental gradients. We wanted to find, through a quantitative study...