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Habitat fragmentation and paternity in least flycatchers


We examined the effect of habitat fragmentation, as well as breeding density and synchrony, on realized reproductive success of male Least Flycatchers (Empidonax minimus). Both breeding density and synchrony were similar in both continuous (6.75 males/ha, 3.40; respectively) and fragmented...

Host range and local parasite adaptation


Parasites may be expected to become locally adapted to their hosts. However, while many empirical studies have demonstrated local parasite adaptation, others have failed to demonstrate it, or have shown local parasite maladaptation. Researchers have suggested that gene flow can...

Homing ability of breeding male tree swallows


We inadvertently examined homing ability in Tree Swallows when we removed twelve males from their nestboxes in 1993 as part of another study. These males were removed just prior to their mate's fertile period and released either 125 or 250...

How robins find worms


An understanding of diet selection in animals requires knowledge of not only what animals eat in relation to what is available, but also how they perceive the foods available to them. Birds use auditory, visual, olfactory and possibly vibrotactile cues...

Habitat features of black rat snake hibernacula in Ontario


Suitable over-wintering habitat is critical to the survival of snake populations at higher latitudes. The identification and protection of traditional, communal hibernation sites (hibernacula) is important for the conservation of threatened species, while the assessment of hibernacula availability may help...

Homing to food by black rat snakes


Displacement experiments can provide useful insights into the orientation and navigational abilities of animals (Gregory et al., 1987). Such experiments have shown that some individuals of some snake species are capable of returning to their home range after displacement (i.e...